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Pour My Love On You Ukulele tab

Misty Edwards



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Pour My Love On You

Tono:  A
	  Pour My Love On You - Misty Edwards 

A      E/G#         D 
I don't    know how   to say exactly how I feel 
A          E/G#      D 
And I can't    begin  to tell you what your love has meant  
F#m      E          D 
I'm lost  for words 
A        E/G#    D 
Is there    a way  to show the passion in my heart 
A    E/G#       D 
Can I    express  how truly great I think you are 
F#m       E                D 
You're my   dearest friend 
Bm    A/C#          E       Bm     A/C#     Esus4 E 
Lord this is my desire to pour my love on you 

A Like oil upon your feet D Like wine for you to drink F#m Life water from my heart E I pour my love on you A/C# With praises like the perfume D I lavish mine on you F#m Till every drop is gone E I pour my love on you
(Open D back to verse) Bridge: D F#m E/G# I pour my love on you D F#m E I pour my love on you
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