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When You Wish Upon A Star Ukulele tab

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When You Wish Upon A Star

Tono:  C

Intro: C Dm Am F  F/G G  C  

C        A7        Dm Dm7 
When you wish up-on a star, 
G7                  Cdim    C   
Makes no difference who you are, 
C             Dm      Am F  
Anything your heart desires 
     F/G  G       C 	Esus4/F G7 
Will come to-oooo you. 

C        A7      Dm      Dm7 
If your heart is in your dream, 
G7            Cdim   C   
No request is too extreme, 
C               Dm   Am  F  
When you wish upon a star 
   F/G   G   C  
As dream-ers do. 

F         C   G             C 
Fate is kind, she brings to those who love 
Am            D                       Dm   G 
The sweet fulfillment of their secret long-ing. 

C      A7       Dm     Dm7 
Like a bolt out of the blue, 
G7                Cdim C    
Fate steps in and sees you through; 
C               Dm    Am F 
When you wish upon a star, 
     F       G     C 
Your dre-ams co-me tru-e.  
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