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Vanishing Breed Ukulele tab

Michael Martin Murphy

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Vanishing Breed

Tono:  G
  G 	  	  	       C 	  
We're both the kind who can find peace of mind 
  G 	  	  	     C 	  
In the light of an old fireplace 
  G 	  	  	 C 	  	 D 
Wrapped in a blanket talking the night away 
  G 	  	  	     C 
Watching snow falling, the lone wolf is calling 
     G 	  	  	 C 
Out into the endless space 
  G                       C       D         G 
Cause there aren't many left like us these days 
  Em            G           C 
Down where the city lights burn 
  Em          G       D 
I know we'll never return 

G C G Listen to the wind blow over the hills, the whispering pines G C D Everything is free and all that we see is yours and mine G C G Just you and me and this old log house is all that we need G C D G That's why they call us the vanishing breed
G C Its good just knowing that our love is growing G C And we're gonna find a place G C D In a life we built with our own hands G C Like wild horses runnin out under the sun G C We're gonna find some space G C D G Cause there aren't many left like us these days Em G C God's greatest gift to you and me Em G D Is knowing how it feels to be free (CHORUS)
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