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It's A Most Unusual Day Ukulele tab

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It's A Most Unusual Day

(Harold Adamson and Jimmy McHugh)

Tono:  G
D7     G7M   G/E    Am7  D7 
It's a most unusual day 
D7     G7M      G/E          Am7  D7 
Feel like throwing my worries away 
      G         Am7       Gdim       C5 
As an old native born Californian would say 
        Bm7    Em7   Am7 D7 
"It's a most unusul day" 
D7       G7M      G/E Am7 D7 
There's a most unusual sky 
D7     G7M      G/E          Am7  D7 
Not a sign of a cloud passing by 
    G           Am7             Gdim          C5 
And if I want to sing, throw my heart in the ring 
       Am7    D7     G 
It's a most unusual day 

G     D7  Dm7   G7         C7M     C7M/9 
There are people   meeting people 
Em7       Dm7     G7   C7M    C7M/9 
There is sunshine ev'rywhere 
F#m7  Fm7  Em7   A7        D7M  D6 
There are people   greeting people 
      Am7        D7            Am7  D7 
And a feeling of spring in the air 
D7     GM7   G/E    Am7 D7 
It's a most unusual time 
D7     G7M       G/E          Am7  D7 
I keep feeling my temp'rature climb 
      G            Am7      Gdim         D4/7          
If my heart won't behave in the usual way 
              Bm7  Em7          A7    D7 
Well, there's only one thing to say 
        G        A7  D7 Em7 A7    D7        
It's a most unusu al, most unusual 
G         A7 D   G 
Most unusual Day 
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