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Appalacian Rain Ukulele tab

Matraca Berg

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Appalacian Rain

Tono:  A
	  A                           D           A   F#m 
He came into to town in the early springtime 
                A     E           A 
to work with my daddy down in the mines 
It was hot in the summer when he said good-bye 
       A                      E         A    	  	  
and he left me a secret I can no longer hide... 	  
 	  	  	  	 D 	   A   F#m 
Now the only thing here that is welcoming me 
 	  	 A 	       E             A 	  
is a cold rainy morning and a Greyhound bus seat 
He just had to come back and try to explain 
A                         E      A 
Cry for your daughter Appalacian rain... 
D A D Mountains of sorrow , mountains of pain A E A you'll never give for my baby a name D A D Dsus2 my family's honor , took it away A E A cry for your daughter , Appalacian rain...
VERSE 2 A D A F#m I was washed in the blood in the river you filled A E A Now the sound of a shotgun rings through the hills D and the blood of her father runs through it's veins A E A Cry for your daughter , Appalacian rain... CHORUS REPETED;Then the ending; D A D Dsus2 Tears in the holler , tears of my shame A E A Cry for your daughter , Appalacian rain... The intro (chord )is the same as the verse...A D A F#m A E A
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