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The Alien Ukulele tab

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The Alien

Tono:  Am
verse 1 

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Am D/F# G C e|------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------|------------------------| B|------1-----1-----1-----|------------------------|------0-----0------0------|------1-----1-----1-----| G|--------2-----2-----2---|------2-----2-----2-----|--------0------0------0---|--------0-----0-----0---| D|----2-----2-----2-----2-|----0---0-----0-----0---|----0-----0------0------0-|----2-----2-----2-----2-| x4 A|-0----------------------|------------------------|--------------------------|-3----------------------| E|------------------------|-2--------2-----2-----2-|-3------------------------|------------------------|
Am D/F# The lights were low enough, you guessed G C You swapped your conscience with your father's medication Am D/F# Limped from Rome to Lawrenceville G C And on the way, you wrote out a self-made declaration Am D/F# And when you got to Pleasant Hill G C You forced the traffic to erase your family demons Am D/F# And made a pact with you and god G C If you don't move, I swear to you I'm gonna make ya Chorus 1
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C Em G C e|-------8-----8-----8-----|-------7-----7-----7-----|-----------------------------|-------8-----8-----8-----| B|---------8-----8-----8---|---------8-----8-----8---|-------12-----12-----12------|---------8-----8-----8---| G|---9-------9-----9-----9-|---9-------9-----9-----9-|---12----12-----12-----12----|---9-------9-----9-----9-| D|-----10------------------|-----9-------------------|-----12-----12-----12-----12-|-----10------------------| A|-------------------------|-7-----------------------|-10--------------------------|-------------------------| E|-8-----------------------|-------------------------|-----------------------------|-8-----------------------|
C Em Do you need me? G C Do you need me? C Em Do you need me? G C Do you need me? verse 2
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Am D G C e|-------5-----5-----5-----|-------------------------|-------3-----3-----3-----|-------3-----3----3-----| B|---------5-----5-----5---|-------7-----7-----7-----|---------3-----3-----3---|---------5----5-----5---| G|---5-------5-----5-----5-|---7-----7-----7-----7---|---4-------4-----4-----4-|---5-------5----5-----5-| D|-----7-------------------|-----7-----7-----7-----7-|-----5-------------------|-----5------------------| x4 A|-------------------------|-5-----------------------|-------------------------|-3----------------------| E|-5-----------------------|-------------------------|-3-----------------------|------------------------|
Am D When the first officer arrived G C It happened to be the high school bully of your brother Am D When you finally recognized G C You felt some guilt that you had even let him touch you Am D Can you hear me, what's your name? G C You could not speak just laid amazed at all the damage Am D As the high school's letting out G C All the kids are sayin' the same thing that they used to Chorus 2 C Em It's an alien G C It's an alien C Em It's an alien G C It's an alien Interlude Am D G C Am D G C verse 3 Am D The lights are low enough you guessed G C Hospital food, there's never enough medication Am D The doctor asked about your ears G C You said your mom said you were made from a revelation Am D The revelation never scares G C If you came from your drunken dad and a pair of scissors Am D Were you just finally letting go? G C Did you mean to take out all those people with you? Chorus 3 C Em Didn't mean to G C Didn't mean to C Em Didn't mean to G C Didn't mean to C Em Oh I didn't mean ------------------ to (Take the time to learn to let you go) G C Oh I didn't mean ---------- to (Don't let me go) C Em No I didn't mean ------------------ to (Take the time to learn to let you go) G C Oh I didn't mean ----------- to (Never let you go) Outro Am G Am G Am G Time is here to take your last amendments and believe them on your own Am G Time is here to take you by the hand and leave you there alone Am G Time has come to take the last commandment and to carve it into stone Am G Time has come to take you by the hand and leave you here alone
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