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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Ukulele tab

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Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Tono:  D
Capo en el 7º traste


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Intro Riff: D D/C# e||----2--2---2--3--2--0---0--|----0--0---0h2-2---0h2-2----| B||----3--3-3-3--3--3--3-3-3--|----3--3---3---3---3---3-3--| G||----2--2-2-2--2--2--2-2-2--|----2--2---2---2---2---2-2--| D||-0--0----0------------0----|----0------------0-------0--| A||---------------------------|-4--4----4------------------| E||---------------------------|----------------------------| G e|---------------------------|---------------------------|| B|-------0---0--0---0--0---0-|-------0---0--0---0--0---0-|| G|-------0---0--0---0--0---0-|-------0---0--0---0--0---0-|| D|----0--0-0-4--4---4--4---4-|----0--0-0-4--4---4--4---4-|| A|----2----2------2------2---|----2----2------2------2---|| E|-3--3----3------3------3---|-3--3----3------3------3---||
verse 1: D D/C# A can of cola, an unfilled bathtub G For dirty bodies and storing empties D D/C# The land-line's nagging, the mail is scattered on the floor G And through a keyhole of a triple bolted door A G D D/C# It's melodrama, its confused chemicals Em Em/F# G It's dirty laundry, its empty Styrofoam. (Repeat Intro Riff) verse 2: D D/C# The Giants won and all the firecracker shells G Are littering the street and I don't give a shit. D D/C# My shoes ran off somewhere and I haven't even G Cared to organize a search. My ball of nerves A G Don't mistake me Bm A I'll refuse you if you choose to track me down. Em Em/F# G And don't you make me leave Bridge*: D Asus4 Without wishing you well 'til I return Em7 G From my brief sojourn to the center of the earth D Asus4 Em7 As far as I tell you it's not as bad as all of that G And I promise not to be reckless Bm A Oh heart of mine, heart of mine G It's your face that brings me back every time. (Repeat Intro Riff) D D/C# G It's dirty laundry, its empty Styrofoam.
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*Heres the chords/basic idea of the finger plucked Bridge part: (The second time through the Em7 and G are just strummed) D Asus4 e|------2--------------2--------|------------------------------| B|---------3---3----------3---3-|------3-------------3---------| G|----2------2------2-------2---|---------2---2---------2---2--| D|-0-------------0--------------|----2------2------2------2----| A|------------------------------|-0-------------0--------------| E|------------------------------|------------------------------| Em7 G x2 e|------------------------------|------------------------------| B|------3--------------3--------|------3-------------3---------| G|---------0---0----------0---0-|---------0---0---------0---0--| D|-----------0--------------0---|-----------0-------------0----| A|----2-------------2-----------|----2-------------2-----------| E|-0-------------0--------------|-3-------------3--------------|
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