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Beets Untitled Ukulele tab

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Beets Untitled

Tono:  C
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Chords Used: C Am F G D7 |--0--0--1--3--1--| |--1--1--1--3--2--| |--0--2--2--0--1--| |--2--2--3--0--x--| |--3--0--3--2--x--| |--x--x--x--3--x--|
(Almost every chord here is played by strumming the root once, then the rest of the strings twice and cycling that pattern) Intro (mimicking piano) C Am F G C Am Beats bleed and tables have legs F I boiled up a feast G And the table it ran away a bloody mess C I need to stop singing Am In code, start ringing F G True only, because true rings only F G Keep away from me F G I am full of terrible things C Am Elbows, elbows and kneepads, do you F G Believe that, that I still need them C Am Scissors, in window boxes I buried F G Three pairs, can you see how hard it is F G Keep away from me F G I am full of terrible things F My lazy shape is armed in dirty clothes C My arms are worn and scarred with beauty marks G So they can tell my lazy shape apart from F C Other shapes with hearts and human parts Am F D7 Human parts human parts C Am F G C Am Beware where I am is where the channels F G Run bare, the canals run bare C Am And there's much to be scared of that didn't F G Wash up till everything dried up F G Keep away from me F G I am full of terrible things F G But if you love the terrible C Am F G Then please be near to me ohhhhhhhh
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