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Lullaby Of The Leaves Ukulele tab

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Lullaby Of The Leaves

(Mack Gordon and Harry Warren)

Tono:  Cm
Intro.: Verse 

Rustling of the leaves used to be my lullaby 
In the sunny South when I was a tot so high 
And now that I have grown and myself alone 
Cm      Am5-/7    D7          G7/13- 
Cradle me where southern skies 
       Gm7        C7      Fm7     Eb7M/9 
Can watch me with a million eyes 
Oh sing me to sleep 
G7/13-            Cm     Ab7 G7 
Lullaby of the leaves 
Cm    Am5-/7  D7          G7/13- 
Cover me with heaven's blue 
        Gm7      C7       Fm7     Eb7M/9 
And let me dream a dream or two 
Oh sing me to sleep 
G7/13-            Cm     Ab7 G7 
Lullaby of the leaves 
I'm breezing along, along with the breeze 
I'm hearing a song, a song through the trees 
    C6         Gsus9 C6  C7 
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh 
Thatpine melody caressing the shore 
Familiar to me, I've heard it before 
           C6           A7         Dm5-/7   G7/13- 
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh        that's Southland 
Cm       Am5-/7  D7     G7/13- 
Don't I feel it in my soul 
        Gm7     C7             Fm7         Eb9 
And don't I know I've reached my goal 
Oh sing me to sleep 
G7/13-            Cm     Ab7 G7 Cm 
Lullaby of the leaves 
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