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Old Jerome Ukulele tab

Kate Wolf



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Old Jerome

Tono:  C
Capo en el 4º traste
	  Kate Wolf - Old Jerome 

th Fret 

Intro: C  

Drinking early morning coffee 
Talking with good friends 
    C                                G7 
And walking the streets of rough-cut stone 
She was once a miner's city 
         F                                   C 
Now the ghost of a dying town, but there's a fire  
        G7              C 
Burning bright in old Jerome 

Am                          Em 
Some have come for fortune, some have come for love 
    F                      C                  G7 
And some have come for the things they cannot see 
Now the grass is green and growing 
          F                             C 
Where the gardens once had died and the birds sing  
       G7              C        G7   C 
In the young Ailanthus trees 

And they say that once you live here 
You'll never really go 
              C                            G7 
'Cause she'll have a hold on you until you die 
With her ground moving crazy 
    F                                C 
Her fierce wind blowing free and her ruins  
         G7                C 
Standing proud against the sky 

Am                             Em 
Houses cling to mountains like miners cling to dreams 
          F              C                  G7 
They hold on so long and then they just let go 
And this mountain she's your mistress 
       F                               C 
You'll ride her 'til you fall and wash down 
       G7           C 
To the valley far below 

          Am                       F  
There are stories they tell on Cleopatra 
          C                         G7 
There are stories that never can be told 
    Am           F               C             Am 
The wind and the rain sing their mountain lullaby 
    G                  G7      C 
The copper shines like Arizona gold 


And her walls stand strong and silent 
Staring out with empty eyes 
     C                                 G7 
Like beggars blind and lame that do no harm 
With their empty rooms that hold 
    F                             C 
The old town's memories and their doorways  
           G7             C 
That reach out like empty arms 

       Am                                  Em 
In the streets the children play, climbing up the crooked stairs 
    F                C               G7 
And lovers touch and turn to go back home 
And the sounds of hammers echo 
       F                        C 
In the once forgotten halls and hope stirs 
       G7             C 
In the heart of old Jerome 

    Am                        F 
The moon shines bright on Cleopatra 
          C                        G7 
Where the mines lie sleeping far below 
    Am           F               C             Am 
The wind and the rain sing their mountain lullaby 
    G                  G7      C 
The copper shines like Arizona gold 
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