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Goners Most Ukulele tab

Jeffrey Foucault



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Goners Most

Tono:  C
Capo en el 4º traste

Intro: C  Cmaj7  G    F      C  Cmaj7 

verse 1: 
  G               F               C  Cmaj7 
Peeled out in the falling dark 
  G                 F              Am 
Hard as flint and like to spark 
       G              F          C  Cmaj7 
The saddest sinner, seventeen 
   G               F  
Windows down and like to drown 
                               C  Cmaj7  G   F    C  Cmaj7 
Drowners most who love to dream 

verse 2: 
            G       F           C  Cmaj7 
So laugh it up and lay it by 
        G          F               Am 
Nothing else, but saying goodbye 
           G     F                 C  Cmaj7 
For ashes, ashes for dust, dust 
      G                F  
Full of love and so far gone 
                             C  Cmaj7  G   F    Dm 
Goners most who love too much 

    F                 C       G   Dm 
Tea with honey tell me who__ 
  F                C           G   Dm 
Bent the branch inside of you 
     F                  C        G   Dm 
Dark eyed things you never told 
             F             Am 
You have to be that young 
              G    F 
To feel that old 

Instrumental: C  Cmaj7  G    F      C  Cmaj7  G    F      Am   G   F 
                C  Cmaj7  G    F      C  Cmaj7 

verse 3: 
      G      F                    C  Cmaj7 
Wondering if you'd come around 
   G                 F              Am 
Making love with the volume down 
                  G               F      C  Cmaj7 
In the blue light falling from an LED 
         G        F  
Love and lovers move so strange 
                             C  Cmaj7  G   F    Am 
Strangers most would never be 
         G        F  
Love and lovers move so strange 
                          C   Cmaj7  G   F    C  Cmaj7  G   F    C 
Strangers most would never be 
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