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Go Now Ukulele tab

Jeff Plankenhorn

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Go Now

Tono:  E
	  Tabbed by: Jason Marbach (please e mail all questions to [email protected]) 
Intro: E    F#m  (2x) 
Verse 1: 
             E                      F#m 
So I've done everything, that I can do 
                 E                         F#m 
To keep you from leaving, and I played the fool 
           G#m            C#m            F#m 
But you're still running 'round and it's all over town 
                  A                               Asus A 
Everybody getting nosy, saying what's he gonna do  
        E                       F#m 
So I've waited here, three long nights 
     E                              F#m 
They seemed the three longest of my life 
               G#m            C#m          F#m                                                                
Can't help but smile upon the past, but it fades to frown and never lasts 
         A                  Asus          A 
With the good times turning bad before my eyes 
     G#m                        C#m 
So I only stayed here to say my piece 
      F#m                    A   Asus A                                              
I was hoping I'd find some release 
        G#m             C#m 
If it's time for you to move on 
        F#m            B 
No more words if you please 

E F#m If you've got to go, go now E F#m For I can't stand to see your face G#m C#m F#m You say I'll never find anyone baby A Asus A E But it's my love you won't replace
Verse 2: Do you remember way back when I was pretty much a square A little shy, a little quick, trying too hard to be fair You were a wild one full of heat and fire You blew open my mind and you fueled my desire I knew I was listening, to the wrong me When I took reckless abandon over sweet simplicity I don't mind the choices there's so much I've learned Just a little 'bout fire, and a whole lot 'bout burnin' So I've tucked the good times far away Decided to remember, and not to say So if there's one decent bone left in that body of yours Turn away.yeah, but if you've got to go Chorus Outro: G#m Gm F#m Fm E
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