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One of these days Ukulele tab

Jason Upton



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One of these days

Tono:  G
	  G                          Am/G                 Bm/G  Am/G 
I want to go where the sun always shines 
Where people are peaceful with no battle lines 
C                                                 Dsus 
Water is plenty, but skies never grey 
Am              (G/B C)         Dsus (G Am/G Bm/G Am/G)    
I want to go there one of these days 
I want to go where the leaves are all turning 
And life?s only certain to be wonderful 
Where Children are playing in innocent ways 
I want to go there one of these days 
Em            C2                G 
Some say that I?m only dreaming 
Em    C                       Dsus 
And that this can?t be true 
Em                      C               G 
But my faith has only been increasing 
Am     G/B C                   Dsus    
Since the day that I met you 
A             Bm/A          C#m/A         Bm/A 
One day we?re going where Love never dies 
A/C#                                D             Esus 
Where no one is hungry no empty eyes 
F#m                   F#m/D             A 
Joy is abundant in everyone?s praise 
Bm                (A/C# D) Esus         (A Bm/A C#m/A  Bm/A) 
We?re going to go there one of these days 

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