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Dog In The Yard Ukulele tab

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Dog In The Yard

Tono:  A
Capo en el 1er traste


You don't have to keep me on no chain 
I come running when I hear you call my name 

I must not be too hard to train 
Took you no time at all 


You don't really like none of my friends 
You never really know just where I've been 

When I slip up on your porch at 4AM 
Like an old stray dog 

E You scratch me and you pet me D And you fight me A And even let me win A Now and then E You scold me you tease me D Then you hold me A And tell me I'm your friend E A Making love to you babe D Ain't so hard A You treat me like a E A Dog in the yard
A Sometimes you kick at me when I'm down E It drives you crazy when I just lay around No matter what you do I think I've found A The perfect home Chorus A A Aww You treat me like a E A Dog in the yard
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