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And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop Ukulele tab

James Vincent Mcmorrow



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And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

Tono:  D

D                                         G 
the wind changed, the first day that you came through 

cut the corn, washed it clean 

G                               Bm    A        G 
now everything that's ever gone before, is just a blur 

     Bm    A 
it's all because of you 

D                                   G 
and now I find, this cities like a stranger to me 

D                                  G 
I once was fooled by cadillacs and honey 

                    Bm    A 
but no one feels like you 

not like you 

    Bm      A 
not like you 

     G        G/F# 
not like you 

Em/G                  G/F#                   G 
cause even though the flower fades something takes its place 

G/F#               Em/G            G/F#             G             G 
a marching band on a sunny day, two pretty eyes or a pretty face 

D Em/G G D then in the forest i made my home Em/G G D lay down on hard and ancient stone Em/G G G/F# then if my heart should somehow stop Em/G G I'll hang on, to the hope D G that you're not too late D G that you're not too late
Verse 2: Same chords as verse 1 and there are times i know when I will have to chase you the further from my side you go, the longing grows and though i hate this, I'll still want you, I will hate this, but I'll still want you even though the flower dies somethings by it's side a helping hand or a kiss goodbye, to ease it on it's way Chorus Bridge: C D C D Bm F#m Em/G G Em/G G D A G A D A G A Asus4-D Chorus
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