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Sing To The Lord Ukulele tab




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Sing To The Lord

(Matt Crocker/Mike Guglielmucci)

Tono:  A

Intro: F# E D2 
Verse 1 

A                      E 
Righteous ruler of the heavens 
Bm            D2 
Holy holy are God 
A                     E 
Sovereign lord of all creations 
Bm            F# 
Holy holy are God 


D               A 
Every tribe and tongue 
F#m               E 
Lift your voice as one 
D              F#m     E 
He is greatly to be praised 

            A   F#m  A    E 
Sing to the lord oh my soul 
        F#        D   A   E 
Let the heaven shout for joy 
D    F#m  A   E    F#    D       E 
Great is our God, Great is our God 

verse 2 

A                    E 
Nations come and bow before Him 
Bm            D2 
Holy holy are God 
A                    E 
Angels sing thy word forever 
Bm            D2 
Holy holy are God 

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   A     E         D                E    A/C#     D 
The heaven shall declares, the glory of our great God. 3X 
A                  E         Bm            D 
Jesus, come let us adore Him…Holy Holy are God. 
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