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Canadian Sunset Ukulele tab

Hank Williams


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Canadian Sunset

Tono:  G
	  (verse 1) 
Once I was alone, so lonely and then, 
A7                C7 
You came out of nowhere,  
          G              Am7 - D7 
Like the sun up from the hills, 
(verse 2) 
Cold, cold was the wind, warm, warm were your lips, 
A7                C7 
Out there on that ski trail, 
Where your kiss filled me with thrills, 
C             D7     G 
A weekend in Canada, a change of scene, 
C       D7                G 
Was the most I bargained for, 
C           D7 
And then I discovered you, 
G            Em      Bm     F#7 
And in your eyes, I found a love, 
    Bm            Am - D7  
That I couldn't ignore, 
(verse 3)   
Down, down came the sun, fast, fast beat my heart, 
A7              C  
I knew, as the sunset, 
From that day we'd never, part, 
A7              C 
I knew, as the sunset, 
           G              D7     G  
From that day we'd never, never part, 
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