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Hangover Heart Ukulele tab

Hank Thompson



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Hangover Heart

Tono:  G
G                                   C 
I've got a hangover heart from your kisses last night 
  D7                    G 
My head is so heavy the tears blind my sight 
You no longer love me you said we must part 
    D7                            G 
And all I have left is a hangover heart 
Too much wine from the bottle makes you feel bad next day 
    D7                          G 
But take another drink and that feeling goes away 
But tell me my darling just how I should start 
   D7                                  G 
To take away the pain of this hangover heart 
No pills from the doctor no drugs from the store 
  D7                    G 
Will help me forget the one I adore 
I don't need a doctor no nurse with her charms 
 D7                               G 
All I need is you for my hangover heart 
I could go get more kisses from somebody new 
 D7                         G 
But tell me my darling what good will it do 
Come back to me baby let's make a new start 
D7                                      G 
And take away the pain of this hangover heart 
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