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Music Makin Mama From Memp Ukulele tab

Hank Snow

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Music Makin Mama From Memp

Tono:  D
Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music by Hank Snow 
D Listen to a story about a gal I know 
She's my music makin' mama, I'm her hillbilly beau 
G She's sweeter than the music when she tickles the strings 
D Sweeter than the flowers down in New Orleans 
She's my A Music Makin' Mama from Mem-{A7} phis, Tennes-{D} see. 
She'll play a little rhythm, do the boogie up right 
A Tennessee polka, maybe blues in the night 
Ever'body travels from near and far 
To hear her when she picks it on that old guitar 
My Music Makin' Mama from Memphis, Tennessee. 
You can hear her in the ev'nin', when the sun sinks low 
A-singin' and a-pickin on that old banjo 
You wanta jive when the words roll out of her mouth 
Ever'body's callin' her the Queen of the South 
She's my fiddle playin' mama from Memphis, Tennessee. 
You gotta start dancin' when she gets in the groove 
Picks a big bass fiddle or yodels the blues 
Plays a downbeat, offbeat, any old beat 
A breakdown, a hoedown and does it up neat 
She's my bass pickin' baby from Memphis, Tennessee. 
You'll know when my baby is a-comin' to town 
All the jive-jumpin' jitterbugs, they gather around 
They keep a-yellin' to my sweetie, now, honey, let's go 
My baby starts pickin' and a pickin' down low 
My Music Makin' Mama from Memphis, Tennessee. 
Repeat verse two. 
SOURCE: The Best Of Hank Snow; 1966 RCA LSP-3478 
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