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You're Easy To Love Ukulele tab

Glen Campbell



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You're Easy To Love

Tono:  Gm
	  Intro:  Gm  F  C  F  Bb  F  C7 

verse 1 

C7        F                        C 
Well it's easy for me to be true   depend on me 
     Gm                    C 
I'll always be faithful to you    
honey just you wait and see 
I'll never have a rovin' eye   
       Bb                      Gm 
and my love for you will never die 
    F                       C                    F    D# C Bb G# F C  
And honey here's the reason why   you're easy to love 

verse 2 

    F                                  C 
You made me happy as I could be    I'm satisfied 
I hope you're just as happy with me  
you know how much I really try 
                                 Bb F 
And here's another thing for you to know 
    Bb                      Bb7 
My love for you is going to grow 
    F                      C                   F    D# C Bb G# F C 
And every day I'm going to show you're easy to love 


   Bb             C             F 
It makes me oh so proud just to be with you 
           Gm                                                C 
And it's a mighty good feeling to know you feel the same way too 

verse 3 

            F                                       C 
Well you've answered every one of my dreams they've all come true 
The world's a better place it seems baby since I met you 
And here's another thing I'd like to say 
          Bb                      ? 
Thanks so much for lovin' me this way 
    F                        C               F    D# C Bb G# F C 
And promise me you'll always stay so easy to love 


                             C               F    D# C Bb G# F C 
And promise me you'll always stay so easy to love  
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