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Just Like Always Ukulele tab

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Just Like Always

(Jimmy Webb)

Tono:  C
Intro:  C  F  Bb  C  F  Eb  Dm  Gm  F  

C         F                        Bb    C       F    
Every year when this day rolls around  
   Eb                 Dm                 Gm                F  
I think of the night we first tore up the town  
           C                            F                               Dm       Bb  
And I wonder if you're laughing with your eyes glowing  
              Am                  Bb                         G    
Making pretty conversation with the wines flowing  
       Gm                        Bb                                      F  Bb  F  Bb  
And runnin' your place          just like always  
              F       Bb        C    F  
Just like always  

C        F         Bb       C     F  
Every day at least one time  
  Eb                 Dm             Gm                 F  
I look at your face in the back of my mind  
                       C                       F                            Dm        Bb  
When you're smiling at the ocean and your eyes shining  
                    Am                     Bb                         G  
When your hair's a red river and it's all mine  
         Gm                     Bb                F         Bb   C    F  
For a thousand days    just like always  

             Bb           E                Am      D  
Maybe someday    I really will  forget  
                               Gm                   C                      F         F7  
I'll really learn to love again, I'll live without regret  
         Bb                  B7                                            Am     
But funny, isn't it?     This man ain't laughing yet  
D                                 Gm                        
Does love really last forever?  
                 Eb                       C                     F  
Does the ocean love the sunset every time?  
          Bb             F            Eb              Dm              Gm           F  
Oh, I pass your street, I look both ways, so incomplete  
          C                              F                      Dm          Bb  
And I think that I might see you but of course, I don't  
           F                                   Bb                   G  
And I wish that you would call me but I know you won't  
          Gm                        C                            F   Bb  
And I love you anyway   just like always  
                 F  Bb   F Bb                          F  Bb  F  Bb                   F Bb    C   F  
Just like always,                   just like always,           just like always   

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