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Tied to a Stone Ukulele tab

George Jones

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Tied to a Stone

Tono:  G
1.I woke up this morning 
  And prayed to God, oh let it be a dream 
  Her side of the bed was cold 
  And layin' there beside me was her ring 
  With a note that she had left for me 
  Layin' where she used to lay her head 
  And I felt the world fall in on me 
  For this is what she said 
              C                    G 
C.Tied to a stone ain't no way to live 
              D               G 
  I can't go on livin' like this 
                 C                      G 
  I'd rather be lonely and face life alone 
                      C              D 
  Than to go on this way, day after day 
  Tied to a stone 
2.I always thought I gave her 
  Everything that any girl could want 
  The diamonds on her fingers 
  A new car and a big two-story home 
  Home became a prison 
  And lookin' back now I can see it all 
  Oh, I'd give the world if I could change the things 
  That made her climb that wall 
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