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Mama Take Me Home Ukulele tab

George Jones



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Mama Take Me Home

Tono:  G
G                                       C 
A drunk man crossed the street today he staggered all around 
  D7                                                       G 
I heard his scream and saw the car that knocked him to the ground 
A silver haired old lady rushed to him and raised his head 
   D7                                                      G 
He must have thought she was his mama cause these words he said 

Mama mama my wife has gone and left me 
D7                                G 
Mama mama she left with my best friend 
Oh mama mama I was coming home to tell you 
                G                D7            G 
So mama take me home and help me live and love again 

I saw him lying there his drunken body racked with pain 
  D7                                 G 
I wanted so to help him but I was to ashamed 
He rolled his head from side to side and struggled for life 
    D7                                                       G 
You don't know how I felt 'cause I'm the friend who took his wife 

Oh Mama mama they took my babies from me 
D7                            G 
Mama mama she loves another man 
Oh mama mama it's getting hard to breath now 
                G                D7            G 
So mama take me home and help me live and love again 
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