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Black White Ukulele tab




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Black White

Tono:  E
E    A  C#m  G#m 
E    A  C#m  G#m 
A    G#  C#m  B 

verse 1 
Do you think you're a fighter when you're talking to yourself 
E          A               C#m         G#m 
I hear you say you want to do what you like 
E                                                A         C#m       G#m 
Visit your sister in Texas, so you can tell each other everybody's alright 
A                               G#        C#m                  B 
Everybody's getting older every single day, but I guess that's life 
    E                                               A       C#m      G#m      E 
But every day is not a fight, and you don't have to see yourself in black and white 
E    A  C#m  G#m  E 

verse 2 
E                                                         A           C#m      G#m 
I can't hear you but your silence speaks to me around the middle of a Saturday night 
E                                                          A          C#m          G#m 
Even if I never see you it's enough for me to know I was a party to a part of your life 
A                                   G#       C#m         B 
I didn't think I'd find you waiting patiently, and I was right 
E                                               A         C#m    G#m          E 
Every day is not a fight, and you don't have to see yourself in black and white 
E    A  C#m  G#m  E 

E                                          A      C#m      G#m      E 
Every single night you are alone in your bed (you won't be gone for long) 
E                                                 A      C#m     G#m   E 
You say we're alike, you know it's all in your head (you are the only one) 
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