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A Little Love Ukulele tab

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A Little Love

Tono:  F
Intro: F/Bb   Dm    F (2x)
Dmgreatness as Bbyou 
Csmallest as Fme 
you Dm show me Gm what is C deep as F sea 
a Bblittle love,Clittle kiss 
a Amlitlle hug,Dmlittle gift 
Gmall of little something.Bbthese are our Cmemories 
you Fmake me cry  
Cmake me smile 
Dmmake me feel that love is Ftrue 
you Bbalways stand by my Fside 
Gmi don't want to say Cgoodbye 
#you Fmake me cry  
Cmake me smile 
Dmmake me feel the Fjoy of love 
oh Bbkissing you 
Cthank you for Amall the love you Dmalways give to Gme 
Coh i love Fyou 
Cyes I Fdo , 
Dm Am F Bb C Gm C 
I always Fdo 
Dm Am F Bb C 
make me cry 
make me smile 
make me feel that love is true 
you always stand by my side 
I don't want to say goodbye 
to Cbe with F you, 
oh C i love Fyou 
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