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Your Cheatin' Heart Ukulele tab

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Your Cheatin' Heart

Tono:  D
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Intro: e||--10--10--12--12--10--10- B||--10--10--12--12--10--10- G||------------------------- D||------------------------- A||------------------------- E||------------------------- -/9---9---9---8--7------ -/10--10--10--9--8--/10- --------------------/11- ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------ --------------------|| -8--7------------7--|| -9--7------7-----7--|| -------/9-----9-----|| --------------------|| --------------------|| Riff 1: D e||--------------------------|| B||--------10-10-12b---10-10-|| G||--------------------------|| 2x D||--12-12-------------------|| A||--------------------------|| E||--------------------------|| G e||-------------------|| B||------3-3-5b---3-3-|| G||-------------------|| 2x D||--5-5--------------|| A||-------------------|| E||-------------------|| A e||-------------------|| B||------5-5-7b---5-5-|| G||-------------------|| 2x D||--7-7--------------|| A||-------------------|| E||-------------------||
Riff 1 D G Your cheatin' heart will make you weep; A D You'll cry and cry and try to sleep, D G But sleep won't come the whole night through. A D Your cheatin' heart will tell on you. BRIDGE: G D When tears come down like falling rain E A You'll toss around and call my name. D G You're gonna walk that floor the way that I do. A D Your cheatin' heart will tell on you. Bridge Instrumental breal: Bridge A D Your cheatin' heart will tell on you, A D Your cheatin' heart will tell on you.
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