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Opus One Ukulele tab

Ella Fitzgerald



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Opus One

(Sy Oliver and Sid Garris)

Tono:  D
     D          D6       D           D6 
I'm wrackin' my brain to think of a name 
   Dm7+         Dm6     Dm7+      Dm6 
To give to this tune so Perry can croon 
    Em7/9     A7        Em7        A7 
And maybe ol' Bing will give it a fling 
    D             Fdim     Em7         A7 
And that'll start everyone hummin' the thing 
    D         D6       D       D6 
The melody's dumb  repeat and repeat  
    Dm7+       Dm6        Dm7+        Dm6 
But if you can swing, it's got a good beat 
    Em7/9           A7        Em7           A7 
And that's the main thing, to make with the feet 
       D           G         D 
'Cause ev'ryone's swingin' today 

            F      Gm 
So I call it Opus One   
     Bb       C7    F    Dm   Bb   C7 
It's not for Sammy Kaye, hey, hey, hey 
 G             D7              G     Gdim 
Opus One it's got to swing not sway, maybe 
   D           D6         D         D6 
If Mister Les Brown could make it renowned 
    Dm7+     Dm6       Dm7+        Dm6 
And Ray Anthony could swing it for me 
        Em7/9   A7           Em7            A7 
There's never a doubt you'll knock yourself out 
    Em7          A7        D6 
Whenever you can hear Opus One 
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