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Cast Your Fate To The Wind Ukulele tab

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Cast Your Fate To The Wind

(Vince Guaraldi)

Tono:  D
Intro: D G A7 G D G    

A7                     D 
A month of nights, a year of days 
A7                  G 
Octobers drifting into Mays 
     A7               D 
I set my sail as the tide comes in 
             G      A7            D   G  A7  G D G A7 
And I just cast my fate to the wind 
    A7              D 
I shift my course along the breeze 
       A7              G 
Won't sail upwind on memories 
     A7              D 
The empty sky is my best friend 
            G      A7            D   G  A7  G D G A7 
And I just cast my fate to the wind 

  A       D             G  
Time has such a way of changing  
   A7        D         G 
A man throughout the years; 
     A      D     G         A            D       G 
And now I'm rearranging my life through all my tears 
 A9    D  A7    D 
Alone,    alone 
   A7                     D 
There never was, there couldn't be 
A7                   G 
A place in time for men like me 
  A7                       D 
Who'd drink the dark and laugh the day 
               G       A7           D  G  A7  G  D G A7 
And let their wildest dreams blow away 

Repeat Bridge 
A7                    D 
So now I'm old, I'm wise and smart 
  A7                 G 
I'm just a man with half a heart 
    A7           D 
I wonder how it might have been 
           G       A            D  G  A7  G  D G A7 G D 
Had I not cast my fate to the wind 
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