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Out Of Reach Ukulele tab

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Out Of Reach

Tono:  Am
Am  C  Am  C 
Am  C  F 

Verse: 1 
Am                 C              Am             C 
 There's something about this girl, some kind of magic 
Am           C               F 
 I swear she cast a spell on me 
Am       C          Am            C 
 Not the first time, might be the last 
Am              C            F 
 Can't let this moment slip away 
                G                         Am 
Try to find the words, none survived with me 
            F                       G 
Air of confidence, but I can barely breathe 

Instrumental: Break 
Am - C - Am - C 
Am - C - F 
Am - C - Am - C 
Am - C - F 
G - Am 
F - G 

Am - C - Am - C 
Am - C - F 

Verse: 2 
Am         C         Am       C 
 She's without a care, electrified and hell-bent 
Am          C              F 
 A thousand volts igniting me 
Am               C       Am      C 
 The waves crash over me, far below but I breach 
Am        C           F 
 The undertow, my reverie 

               G                             Am 
Sadness in her smile, your love, it's been a while 
              F                       G 
Near and far away, she chases it each day 
                  C                          F 
A promise to come back, all the while, still waiting 
Seems it lost its way 

F Out of reach, just too hard to reach Am C You're letting your love slip away Em F Out of reach, yeah, it's hard to reach Am Bb There's another day Dm Em F Although you're hurting and afraid Am G You're stronger than yesterday
Outro Am C Am C Am C F Am F
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