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Swim To You Ukulele tab




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Swim To You

Tono:  G
Capo en el 6º traste



                                    C        Fmaj7 C   Gsus4

Intro: C      Fmaj7    C   Gsus4   (play 4 times) 

C     Fmaj7    C             Gsus4 
      Drifting away from the shore,  
Into the open sea 
     Fmaj7       C      Gsus4 
I'll sleep on the ocean tonight 
With the moon at my feet 
Fmaj7        C            Gsus4 
Carving your name with my head 
               C    Fmaj7 C   Gsus4 
In a black oak tree eeee eeee eeee 
C      Fmaj7  C      Gsus4 
oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh 

C      Fmaj7  C      Gsus4 

C     Fmaj7        C          Gsus4 
    a king without kingdom or throne 
nowhere to go 
Fmaj7      C          Gsus4 
conquering islands of hope  
all alone 
          Fmaj7 C       Gsus4 
eyes wide open shutters closed 
                    C      Fmaj7 C   Gsus4 
all you see is your ghoooo oooo oooo ooost 
C      Fmaj7  C      Gsus4 
oooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh 

C      Fmaj7  C      Gsus4 

C   Fmaj7          C           Gsus4 
    Bruized by the size of the rain 
coming back again 
Fmaj7     C        Gsus4 
Long gone memories fade 
old pictures remain 
      Fmaj7     C     Gsus4  
speak slowly to me my dear 
                 C     Fmaj7 C    Gsus4 
and I'll swim to yooou oooo  oooo oooo 
   C *    Fmaj7 * C *    Gsus4 *        (*= one strum) 
to yooou  oooo    oooo   oooo 
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