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Mi Corazon Ukulele tab

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Mi Corazon

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: Thank You Lord

Tono:  C
Intro: C G Gsus G (x2) 

             Am                    Em 
My heart is filled with songs of praise 
             Am              Em 
You gave me hope, you made a way. 
        Am     B7             Em          Bm         C    D 
Now I long to live in your presence, for all of my days. 

Chorus Gsus G Em Am My soul sings, my spirit shouts, with every breath D Bm Am D G Em I'm crying out, I want to live for you alone, Am B7 Em You have captured my heart, Mi Corazon. Am B7 Em Lord I give you my whole heart, Mi Corazon.
(Intro) Verse Amazing Grace has rescued me. You paid the price You set me free. I will sing your praises forever. My savior and king. Bridge Am D I will give you glory, tell your wonderous story G Em Am D How you rescued me. I'm the guilty one, but you sacrificed your son G Am B7sus B7 Your one and only. Now I stand beside you blameless and holy. Am Em B7 Em Am Em B7 Bsus Ending Am B7 Em Lord I give you my whole heart, Mi Corazon (3x)
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