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Hand in Hand Ukulele tab

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Hand in Hand

Áño: 1980 - Álbum: Making Movies

Tono:  C
Intro: C   Am   C   Am  

C                     Am     
the sky is crying the streets are full of tears  
C                  Am    
rain come down and wash away my fears  
Am           Em  
and all this writing on the wall  
Em                        Am     G/C G/D  G  
oh i can read between the lines  
C                 Am  
rain come down forgive this dirty town  
C                    Am   
rain come down and give this dirty town  
Am         Em                      Am     C   G  
a drink of water        a drink of wine  
      G           Am      G     F  
        if i been hard on you   i never chose to be  
      G         Am        G   F    G7  
        i never wanted no one else  
      G            Am             Em            Am    G  
        i tried my best to be somebody you'd be close to  
      F      G7/E Dm   Dm/C G  
        hand in   hand like lovers are supposed to 
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