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What Good Am I Without You Ukulele tab

Dick Haimes



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What Good Am I Without You

(Sammy Gallop and Don Rodney)

Tono:  D
	  D          A7       Edim     D7 
I'm like a song that no one sings 
Em         B7      Cdim       A7 
I'm like a bird without its wings 
D7M       Edim G/B   G   Ediim    Gm7 
I'm like a star that fell from the sky  
D    F#m    B7 Cdim    Em7  A7 
What good am I without you 
D            A7       Edim     D7 
Where is the sun that used to shine 
Em           B7      Cdim       A7 
Where is the one who once was mine 
D7M      Edim G/B   G    Edim    Gm7 
Aimless am I, like clouds drifting by  
D    F#m    B7     A7   D 
What good am I without you 


Bm  F#7          E7/9-  Fdim Edim 
You are the very breath  I  take 
Bm        F#7       Bm   F#7 B7      
The every wish and prayer I make 
Bm  F#7           E7/9-   Fdim 
You are so much a part of me 
Bm5-/7  D    F#m  Bm    Bm7/E E7/9   A7 
You'll    always be the very heart of me 
D          A7     Edim      D7 
How can I live without you near 
Em          B7   Cdim       A7 
When I'm so mad about you dear 
D7M      Edim G/B      G  Edim Gm7 
How can I laugh when I want to  cry  
D    F#m    Bm7      Bm7/E Cdim C7     B7 
What good am I   without    you,   Darling 
G    B7     Gdim       A7/13  D 
What good am  I  without you 
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