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I'm Always Chasing Rainbows Ukulele tab

Dick Haimes



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I'm Always Chasing Rainbows

(Joseph McCarthy and Harry Caroll)

Tono:  D
D   G      Em7    A7 D   
I'm always chasing rainbows 
G       Bm7  F#m    D9      Em7  A7  
Watching   clouds drifting by! 
Em B5+  Am        Am7+      Em     B7   Em  B5+ 
My   schemes are just like all of my dreams 
E      E7      A7 
Ending in the sky 
G            G/F#             Gdim          A7 
Some fellows look and find the sunshine 
D        F#m               Bm     Bm7/E 
I always look and find the rain 
E            Bm5-/7             Fdim       E7 
Some fellows make a winning sometime 
A7     G/B          A7         Edim 
I never even make a gain, believe me 
D   G  Em7  A7      D      
I'm always chasing rainbows 
G          G/F#          Em7       A7    D 
Waiting to find a little blue bird   in vain 
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