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Goodbye Ukulele tab

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Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Lost In Your Eyes and Other Hits

Tono:  D
	  Intro: D  Bm  G  A 
D			           Bm 
Darlin', I was hoping that we could pretend 
	         G			      F#m	  Em		A  A7 
And make believe that we could still live happily and start again 
	      D					         Bm 
Seems like you and I, we've been caught up in your world of lies 
	  G		      F#m	       Em	A  A7 
I kept believing you could start a new and be a friend 
Well I've got something I wanted to tell you and it's the last thing I wanted to say 
But I think I must go there anyway... 
        D(E) G(A)          A(B)      D(E) 
Goodbye how do you say goodbye? 
G(A)	   F#m(G#m)	   Bm(C#m) 
Do I just look you in the eye, shake your hand, wish you well 
        Em(F#m) A(B)			          D(E)  Bm(C#m)  G(A)  A(B  E) 
After all this time... I never wanted for goodbye 
D				       Bm 
Don't let go I was devoted to your heart and soul 
	         G	           F#m			  Em		A  A7 
And then we took a turn and I had to learn what I tried not to know 
	      D				           Bm 
Seems like yesterday I give the world just to hear you say 
			G		      F#m 
A simple whisper of a word or two, like "I love you" 
			    Em		   A  A7 
Breaks my heart to see it end this way 
Repeat Chorus 
         F#m	 Em 
Goodbye can it ever be the same? 
         F#m	   Em 
Goodbye did we lose more than we gained? 
There's nowhere to hide, baby I feel it inside 
As my heart cries out your name, goodbye... 

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