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Since I Met You Ukulele tab

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Since I Met You

Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Supernatural

Tono:  A
A F# A F# D C# 
Verse 1: 
A                            D 
You call me crazy, man you make my day 
A                            D 
My state of residence was disarray 
A                      D              E 
At every party and as far as anybody knew, everything was cool, but 
A                           D 
The truth was bottled up inside of me 
A                      D 
I was as lonely as a man could be 
A                            D                    E 
And my 200 friends couldn't fill the void in my soul, it was a giant hole 
Bm                 E 
Nothing made any sense 
C#m              F#                   D 
Never thought there would never be an end 
                E           A 
Then love came knocking at my door 
             D               A 
Since I met You I've been alright 
                  D              E 
You turn all my darkness into light 
             D             A                 E 
Since I met You I've been okay, I've been alright 
             D               A 
Since I met You I've been okay 
                   F#m         E 
You're rolling my winter into may 
              D               E 
Since I met You I've been alright 
Been okay 
A F# A F# D C# 
Verse 2: 
A                           D 
You got me feeling like a million bucks 
A                           D 
Some people write it up as Irish luck 
A                             D                  E 
But I know better, Cause my rabbit's foot never did me a bit of good 
A                         D 
The truth hit me like a sock in the eye 
A                    D 
A revelation that I can't deny 
A                           D                  E 
Your love has overtaken every little part of me, You were what I needed 
 Bm               E 
Now I'm carried away 
C#m               F#          D 
Never seen the sunshine like today 
             E           A 
You made something of my life 
(repeat chorus) 
Was at the end of my rope 
I had nowhere to go 
F#                     C# 
Was at the end of my rope 
I had nothing to show 
          B                    C# 
'til the day that I turned to you 
Was at the end of my 
F# E F# E 
A F# A F# D C# 
Verse 3: 
A                        D 
Sick and tired of the same ol' fluff 
A                       D 
You took me in and You shook me up 
A                         D           E 
You got me tripping on a vision of eternity 
I can see it clearly 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Contribuição: Jó Emanuel Yen([email protected]) 

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