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Out of the Blue Ukulele tab

David Gilmour


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Out of the Blue

Tono:  F
	  Bb         F           Bb         F 
Out of the blue on the wings of a dove 
  Bb        F                          C 
A messenger comes, with the beating of drums 
It's not a message of love 
    Bb           F         Bb      F           
Our childern are born, and we keep them 
     Bb            F                     C 
They must have the right, to live in the light 
                    D#             F 
To be safe from the storm 
Bb         F          Bb           F 
Out of the blue, with wings on his heels 
  Bb        F                 C  
A messenger comes, bearing regrets 
                     Bb/F           F  
For the time that he steals 
    Bb          F        Bb             F 
But steal it he will, my children's and mine 
 Bb           F                      F 
Against our desires, against all our needs 
                       D#             F        Dm 
Our blood spilled like wine 
Dm       C       Bb    C           Dm 
Over and over we call . . . no one hears 
Dm               C          Bb         F        Dm 
And further and further and further we fall  
 Dm                        C          Bb   C 
And though we pray that we soon will awake 
        Dm                        C  
It is clear, that it's no dream at all 
    Bb            F           G    C      F 
Our lives are at stake 
F    Bb        F      Bb      F 
I cannot believe, nor even pretend 
         Bb        F                   C 
That the thunder I hear, will just disappear 
                       Bb/F    F 
And the nightmare will end 
   Bb            F             Bb            F 
So hold back the fire, because this music is true 
     Bb             F                     C 
When all's said and done, the ending will come 
                D#      F     
From out of the blue 
Contribuição: Matheus Vignali([email protected]) 

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