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Almost Home Ukulele tab

Craig Morgan



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Almost Home

Tono:  G#
Capo en el 1er traste
He had plastic bags wrapped ?round his shoes 
He was covered with the evening news 
G             D                 G                
Had a pair of wool socks on his hands 
The bank sign was flashing five below 
It was freezin? rain and spittin? snow 
G                  D                 G 
He was curled up behind some garbage cans 
B                                C 
I was afraid that he was dead, I gave him a gentle shake 
B                                  C               D 
When he opened up his eyes I said, Old man are you ok? He said? 
I just climbed out of the cottonwood tree 
I was runnin? from some honey bees 
Drip-dryin? in the summer breeze 
After jumpin? into Calico Creek 
I was walkin? down an old dirt road 
                             G             G/F# 
Past a field of hay that had just been mowed 
Em                         C 
Man I wish you?d just left me alone 
D                  G 
Cause I was almost home 
Then he said, I was just comin? ?round the barn 
Bout the time you grabbed my arm 
G                 D                 G 
And I heard momma holler, son hurry up 
I was close enough for my own nose 
To smell fresh cobbler on the stove 
G               D                G 
And I saw daddy loadin? up the truck 
B                                   C 
Cane poles on the tailgate, bobbers blowin? in the wind 
      B                     C             D 
Since July of 55? that?s as close as I?ve been? 
(repeat Chorus) 
I said old man you?re gonna freeze to death 
Let me drive you to the mission 
He said boy if you?d left me alone 
      D          Dsus / D 
Right now I?d be fishin? 
(Chorus) 2x?s 
Em                         C      D 
man I wish you?d just left me alone 
             C     G 
I was almost home 

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