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Tono:  A
Intro: A  D 

verse 1: 
       A       D 
I need time to find out 
          A       D 
Where I'm going 
       A         D 
I need people to show me 
           A      D 
Where I've been 

verse 2: 
           A     A7        D 
I know the answer__ and it feels good 
     A         D 
Just knowing 
        Asus4       D 
It's my friends who show me 
      A    D   A 
Who I am 

verse 3: 
 E        D             A 
You ain't been counting numbers 
     E        D            A        D 
And you ain't been writing letters 
                   Asus4             A 
You've been making good songs worse 
Instead of bad songs better 

verse 4: 
        A             D   A 
And you say, "Come on in 
             C     F 
Sit yourself down 
Pass yourself around 
  A                D  A 
Don't turn us off 
        C   F 
Turn us on 
                   E            A   Asus4   A  Asus4 
You've been passed on and back again___ 
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