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I Will Ukulele tab

Chris Hillman

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I Will

Tono:  E
	  E           A          B      E 
Walk softly down this winding road 
      A           B      E 
Far beyond where all lie still 
E                A           B    C#m   C#m/B 
And remember the word and forever hold 
A                 B      E 
I'll be there for you I will 
E            A        B        E 
He'll try to push and pull you down 
           A        B        E 
With sweet words designed to thrill 
           A         B            C#m   C#m/B 
Once swept away by a fools golden sound 
A                      B       E 
Remember I'll still be there I will 
G               A 
I will never surrender 
G                  A 
I will never  back down 
     G            F#m                   B 
Till all the prophecies have been fulfilled 
You know I will 
E           A        B         E 
So close at hand the time will come 
     A        B       E 
When you will know my name 
E            A        B      C#m   C#m/B 
And speak it loud for all to hear 
A        B    E 
I will return again 
Em7               A 
I will never surrender 
Em7                 A 
I will never  back down 
     Em7           F#m                   B 
Till all the prophecies have been fulfilled 
Em7                A 
I won't let you surrender 
Em7                  A 
Oh you've come this far 
      Em7              F#m            B 
And I rescued you from all the devils deals 
           E    A      E    A      E 
You know I will 
>From Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pedersen 
Rounder Records 1999 
Bar None Music/Me And My House Music(BMI) 
Chris Hillman      lead vocals 
Herb Pedersen      harmony 
Larry Rice         mandolin 
Tony Rice          guitar 
Fred Travers       dobro 
Ronnie Siompkins   bass  

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