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Kill My Mother Ukulele tab

Charly Garcia

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Kill My Mother

(Charly García)

Tono:  Dm
Dm Dm  G G  

Dm            Dm  G  
Kill my mother  
Dm            Dm  G  
kill the floor  
Dm            Dm  G  
kill the refrigerator  
Dm          D  F  
say no more  
   F     G  
But don't kill me  
G           F  
don't kill me  
F          E    Eb  
don't kill me  

Dm  G  

D                   G  
I used to live like person  
D                   G  
I used to live like a child  
D                   G  
to undrestand my only illusion  
D                   G  
I undertand the reason why  
I give you my world  
Em           A            D   G  
but you just want to kill me  
It's not only love  
G              D  
no no no it's me baby  
     G            A             D     G  
It's me what you'r looking for babe  

Dm     G       Dm  
kill the floor  
G         Dm  
Kill the refrigerator  
G       Dm  
Say no more  

D G D D A Please stop killing me D F#/D G Please stop ------------ A D I give you the world D F#/D G I gave you everything I had G Gm A/D I give you everything you need ..i gave you all of my time Bm and you just want to kill me Bm G G A/D It's only love Bm don't kill me
G D A D G D G D G D E G A D A When i was down G A you just came and see me D Em You see me on the street G D you always act surprise D C#/A B/G you say how are you, good luck A but you don't mean it D Em Well, I wish just for just one time G D you can stand inside my shoes D C#/A B/G don't you understand G A It's not my problem D D A A D F#/D G A I gave you the world i gave you everithing i had i gave you everything you need A Dm G Mother` Kill my son Kill the refegerator say no more Coro D G D G D G ......Voy a hacer un agujero en Europa. ......Voy a tener una chica que me lave la ropa solo a mí. D D G A D D G G F#7 F#7 Bm E7 D D D D F#7 Bm G#/E E Asus4 Asus4 A A D D G G D D F#7 Bb Bm Bm D7 D7 Gmaj7 Gmaj7 F#7 Bb Bm Bm D7 D7 Gmaj7 Gmaj7 F# Bb Bm Bm E7 E7 A A A A D D G G D D D D D D Melodia instrumental Gm A/D Bb Bm G#/E E Asus4 D D G G F#7 F#7 Bm Bm Gmaj7 Gmaj7 F#/D Em Em A7 A7 A7 A7
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