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Running Ukulele tab




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Tono:  E
E/G#        A         Bsus/A             B/A 
I hear the voice, the voice of the One I love 
                 E/G# A Bsus B 
He's calling my name 

A2      C#m7            E/B                 B 
Come up higher, You'll hear the angels sing 
A2      C#m7            Bsus B E/G# 
Come up higher, My Beloved 
A2      C#m7          E/B                B 
Come up higher and leave this world behind 
You will find Me to be beautiful 

   E/G#    A2  B            C#m7 
I am running, running after You 
E/G#     A2                  B 
You've become my soul's delight 
   E/G#    A2  B            C#m7 
I am running, running after You 
E/G#      A2              B 
Here with You I find my life 

B             C#m7       A2           E 
One thing have I desired this will I seek after 
B/D#              C#m7   B     A2 
To dwell in Your house forevermore 
B           C#m7        A2            E 
Now, I'm running after the things that really matters 
B       C#m       B       A2 
You've become my joy and song 
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