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Lose Your Smile Ukulele tab

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Lose Your Smile

Tono:  A
|A E |D E |Bm D |Bm D E 
|A E |D E |Bm D |Bm D E 

A   E           B  |F#m7 
Outside looking in 
A   E           B  |F#m7 
Mirrors once again 
A   E            B |B 
Nothing left to say 
A   E       B      F#m7 
Tomorrow's gone today 

A E B |B Lose your smile A E B |B Lose your smile
Verse A E B |B Sweet lies on your face A E B |F#m7 Tears are out of place A E B |B C#m Sunshine in the rain A E B F#m7 Comes in rainbows and leaves again
A E B |B Lose your smile A E B |B Lose your smile
Verse A E When all the while, child F#m7 E It's your own self giving in A E B |B Who's to blame this time? Interlude |E |E |B |B
D E D Lose your smile |Bm |A |E |E A E D Lose your smile
Interlude |D |E |A |A |D |E |D |D |Bm |A |E |E Outro (Repeat till fade) |A E Bm |F#m |D |E |A |A Dreams, baby, do come true |A E Bm |F#m |D |E |A |A Dreams, baby, do come true
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