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Only in the Past Ukulele tab

Be Good Tanyas

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Only in the Past

Tono:  F
	  intro F - G 
F                      G 
run away to the sea shore 
F                          G  etc. 
it doesn't matter anymore, it doesn't matter anymore 
words dry up and fly away 
with the passing of the days 
eventually, you just let the stone fall 
       C               am      
i dreamed that i saw you, you were 
       F               G 
down at the corner store 
       C               am 
you were lookin' through a magazine 
       F                G 
then you flew out the door, and i was 
      C                  am 
tryin' to wave to ya 
          F                G 
but you wouldn't wave back 
        C              am 
now you know i understand 
    F                  G      
you're with me only 
C        am 
in the past 
F          G 
only in the past 
        F                G 
and my palms are not open 
       F                   G 
they're closed, they're closed (x2) 
i dreamed ... 
(keep C - am - F- G rhythm) 
colours streak the sky 
we laugh and we cry 
we danced in the cool grass 
with the fireflies 
we danced in the cool grass 
sunset birds' sweet, sweet music 
swallowed our words 
you set sail and you left this town 
run away, run away so far 
so far from me now 
F - G - F - G (repeat) 
i dreamed ... 
F - G - F - G - C 

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