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Fall On Me Ukulele tab

Andrea Bocelli



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Fall On Me

Tono:  F
F C Bb Dm 
F C Bb 

verse 1: Matteo Bocelli 
I thought sooner or later the lights up above 
Will come down in circles and guide me to love 
But I don't know what's right for me 
I cannot see straight 
     Bb                       F 
I've been here too long and I don't want to wait for it 
Fly like a cannonball, straight to my soul 
Tear me to pieces And make me feel whole 
    Dm                          F 
I'm willing to fight for it and carry this weight 
But with every step 
I keep questioning what it's true 

Matteo Bocelli F C Fall on me Bb Dm With open arms F C Fall on me Bb F From where you are F C Fall on me Bb Dm With all your light F Bb With all your light Bb F With all your light
verse 2: Andrea Bocelli F Presto una luce ti illuminerà C Seguila sempre, guidarti saprà Dm Tu non arrenderti, attento a non perderti Bb E il tuo passato avra senso per te F Vorrei che credessi in te stesso, ma sì C In ogni passo che muoverai qui Dm È un viaggio infinito sorriderò se Bb F Nel tempo che fugge mi porti con te
Both F C Fall on me Bb F Dm Ascoltami F C Fall on me Bb F Abbracciami F C Fall on me Bb Dm Finché vorrai Dm Bb Finché vorrai Bb Dm C F Bb Finché vorrai Bb Dm C F C Finché vorrai
Bridge: Both C I close my eyes Bb F And I'm seeing you everywhere C I step outside Bb F C It's like I'm breathing you in the air Bb G I can feel you're there
Both G D Fall on me C Em Ascoltami G D Fall on me C G Abbracciami G D Fall on me C Em With all your light D G C With all your light D G With all your light
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