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Shade Of My Soul Ukulele tab




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Shade Of My Soul

Tono:  Eb
Intro: Am - GB - F - G (2x) 

Solo Intro 
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Eb|--------2~3-3~5-----------------------------------3~5-5-5-7-7~8-7-10-10--8-7---------------------- Bb|-----5---------3~5--3-1-0~1~0--1~3-5-5~6-1~3-3-3~5--------------------------10--8----------------- Gb|--2~5------------------------2---------------------------------------------------10-9-7----------- Db|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-9-----7- Ab|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7-10-- Eb|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Am GB F G Listen - To the sound of quiet Am GB F G Whispers - Fade on the horizon Am GB F G Living - Through the light and shadow Am GB F G Waiting - For the night to take the sky F Em I knew all the way Am It would tumble G Over F And still Em Once again Am Em I will take it F G All these tears and face the Am GB Morning F G Waiting for the light to shine on Am G F Here i stand Dm F-G As long as the sun lights Am G F The unknown Dm (F-G Rapido) The shade of my soul Am GB Still remains F G Racing through the void still Am GB F G Dreaming - I can feel the world now Am GB F G Staying - In this maze of frozen Am GB F G Faces - Staring at the endless night and
Am G F Here i stand Dm F-G As long as the sun lights Am G F The unknown Dm F-G Rapido) The shade of my soul (2x)
C GB Am Em Standing here under a pale sunrise Am G F The whole universe seems so blue C GB Am Em Wasting my time trying to realize Am G F What keeps me away from the new Em - Am - G OH! Base Solo 2x: Am - GB - F - G
Bm A G Here i stand Em G-A As long as the sun lights Bm A G The unknown Em G-A Rapido) The shade of my soul (3x)
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