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I'm Waiting For You Ukulele tab

Alecia Elliott


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I'm Waiting For You

(Alecia Elliott/Gary Baker/Frank J. Myers)

Tono:  D
	  Transcribed by:  Ryan Foster 
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Intro: E----------------------------------------------------------- B----7--8--10--10-----7--8--10--10-----7--8--10--10--8--7--- G--7------------------------------------------------------7- D----------------------------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------- B--7--8--10--8--7/5--2-- G----------------------- D----------------------- A----------------------- E-----------------------
D A I've heard your voice, I've felt your touch Bm A But only in dreams have I felt this much D A I've not seen your face, I don't know your name Bm Em A But here in my heart you have a place G A I'm not for sure, but I believe G A You're out there waiting for me
D A I'm waiting for you, biding my time Bm G Keeping my heart from crossing over the line D Bm G A Counting the days until my dream comes true D A I'm waiting for you, taking it slow Bm G Until the moment that I can let go D A Asus2 A One day I know, I'll say I do D I'm waiting for you
--Repeat Intro (take out the middle part "7 8 10 10") D A I can go on a date and have a good time Bm A But you're always there in the back of my mind D A I'll know it's you when you take my hand Bm Em A And right by your side is where I will stand G A I know how good it's gonna be G A The moment that you find me --Repeat Chorus --Solo---> D A Bm G D Bm G A D A I'm waiting for you, taking it slow Bm G Until the moment that I can let go D A Asus2 A One day I know, I'll say I do D I'm waiting for you
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Outro: E------------------------------------------- B----7--8--10--10-----7--8--10--10--8--7---- G--7-------------------------------------7-- D------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- D E----------------------------------2-- B--7--8--10--8--7--5-----------2---3-- G---------------------7--2--0------2-- D----------------------------------0-- A------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------
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