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Midnight In Montgomery Ukulele tab

Alan Jackson



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Midnight In Montgomery

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: 16 Biggest Hits

	  The Dm in all the verses has a little hammer-on variation going back 
and forth from Dsus2 (xx0320) to Dm. See the intros and tabs posted  
on this site if you want to see more detail on that. 
Intro:  Dm   C9  (x2) 
Dm                               C9 
Midnight in Montgomerey, Silver Eagle, lonely road 
      Bbsus2                    Dm 
I was on my way to Mobile for a big New Year's Eve show 
Dm                                    C9 
I stopped for just a minute to see a friend outside of town 
       Bbsus2                            A7 
Put my collar up, I found his name, and felt the wind die down 
       Dm                        C9 
And a drunk man in a cowboy hat took me by surprise 
        Bbsus2                         Dm 
Wearing shiny boots, a Nudi suit, and haunting haunted eyes 
         Dm                                C9 
He said, friend it's good to see you, it's nice to know you care 
         Bbsus2                                 A7 
Then the wind picked up and he was gone, was he ever really there 
C9 Dm C9 Dm Cause it's midnight in Montgomery, just hear that whippoorwill C9 Dm A7 See the stars light up the purple sky, feel that lonesome chill C9 Dm When the wind is right you'll hear his song, smell whiskey in the air C Bbsus2 A7 Dm Midnight In Montgomery, he's always singing there
(repeat intro) Dm C9 Well I climbed back on that Eagle, took one last look around Bbsus2 Dm Through red tail lights, a shadow moved slow across the ground Dm C9 And off somewhere a midnight train is slowly passing by Bbsus2 A7 I could hear that whistle moan, "I'm so lonesome I could cry" Chorus C9 Dm C9 He's always singing there (no chord) Dm Well Hank's always singing there
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