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Dallas Ukulele tab

Alan Jackson



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Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Don't Rock the Jukebox

Tono:  A
 Intro A 
  A                               D            
  Dallas packed her suitcase and drove off in the brand new 
  car I bought her 
  She made leaving me look easy I wish she'd make it look 
  a little harder 
   E                            D                
  I took her out of Texas when she was just a girl 
        E                            D            E 
  But tennesee and me couldn't take texas out of her 
     A           D              E 
  Oh how I wish dallas was in tennesee  
                   D               E 
  If i could move texas east then she here with me 
         A                 D                 E 
  Then nothing else could come between the two of us 
       D       E        A        
  If dallas was in tennesee 
  2nd verse: 
       A                              D             
  By now she's leaving memphis and everthing we had behind 
        A                                    D        
  Lord I hope the gold band on her hand will serve as a  
          E                             A           
  That true love is a treasure that's very seldom found 
        D                                           A 
  But you cant stay together if there is no comman ground 

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