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A Flowery Song (ver. 3) Tablatura Bajo

Five Iron Frenzy


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A Flowery Song (ver. 3)


I noticed a few errors on the other tabs so I’m writing my own.

Intro/verse pt. 1:

G -----------------------------
D ---6-6----------------------- repeat as necessary.
A -7-----7-6---6---4-4-6---9-6- 
E -----------7---5-------7-----

Verse pt. 2:

G ------------------------------
D ------------------------------
A ---7---5-4--------9---7-6----- also repeat as necessary.
E -5---5-----7-5--7---7-----9-7-


G -------------
D -------------
A ----44----02-
E -00----22----


G ----------------------
D ----------------------
A ------------9-6---9-6- 2x
E -5--5-5-6-7-----7-----

G ------------
D ------------
A -5--5-5-6-7-
E ------------

That one weird part with the “various animal noises”

G ---------
D ---2-----
A -2---4-0- rinse and repeat
E ---------

That’s about the gist of things on this song.


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